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One of the primary factors consumers consider when purchasing premium coolers is the price metric. Bison Coolers positions itself as a comparable high-end alternative to YETI. While YETI coolers are renowned for their quality, they have a premium price tag and market share.


We offer Bison Coolers products similar to YETI regarding cooler sizes and features. Both brands offer roto-molded coolers that provide exceptional ice retention and durability. YETI has a broader variety of sizes that span the commercial market. Bison Coolers don’t have a length that goes beyond 125 QT.


Bison Coolers has steadily made a name by offering a range of rugged and durable coolers to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions. One of the standout features of Bison Coolers is their commitment to American manufacturing, which appeals to consumers looking to support domestic businesses.
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